DM6467 Packages: Evaluation Module, Development Board and Reference Design

DM6467 Development Kits:DM6467 Evaluation Module,DM6467 Development Board,DM6467 4-Channel Video Encoder and DM6467T Reference Design.High-performance ARM + DSP dual-core chip. 1080p Full HD video H.264 encoding. Free world-class technical support. Full software source code. For advanced video analytics, HD video surveillance DVRs, IP net cams, video conferencing system...

DM6467 Hardware Features

  • TI DaVinci™ DM6467 (TMS320DM6467) Dual-Core DSP with ARM926EJ-S
  • 256MBytes 32-bit DDR2 Memory
  • 128MBytes NAND Flash and ATA/IDE/SATA Hard Drive
  • Component 1080p HD Video (RGB) Input and Output
  • Composite Video Input and Output

DM6467 Software Features

  • DM6467 Real-Time Embedded Linux
  • DM6467 U-Boot Boot Loader
  • DM6467 Driver Source Code
  • DM6467 Compilers, Linkers and Build Tools

DM6467 Reference Design

  • DM6467 Boards Design Schematics
  • DM6467 Boards PCB Layouts
  • DM6467 Boards Gerber Files
  • DM6467 Boards BOM (Bills of Materials)