DaVinci DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Video Encoder

DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) D-1 Resolution Video Encoder - TI DaVinci DM6467 Multi-Channel Video Encoder

DM6467 Four-Channel

DM6467 4-Channel Video Encoder Overview

DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Video Encoder(Model:DM6467-4C/E) is a multi-channel (multi-way) video encoder product of the DM6467 family. It supports to capture, encode, process 4-channel D-1 resolution real-time video inputs simultaneously and transfer audio/video data via Gigabit Ethernet (1GB LAN).

DM6467 4-Channel Video Encoder Specifications

  • Processor

    • TI DaVinci™ DM6467 (TMS320DM6467)
    • ARM926EJ-S™ RISC core
    • TMS320C64x+™ DSP core
  • Memory and Storage

    • 256MBytes 32-bit DDR2
    • 128MBytes NAND Flash
    • ATA Interface supports IDE Hard Drive
  • Audio and Video

    • Four-Channel (4-Way) Composite Video Inputs via NTSC/PAL
    • D-1 resolution for Each Channel
    • One YPbPr Video Output - Display Four Video Images Simultaneously
    • Optional VGA Output
    • AIC33 stereo codec
    • CD-quality audio input and output
    • HP (Headphone) out and MIC in
  • Input and Output

    • 2 x 9-pin UART RS232
    • EIA-485 (RS485)
    • USB 2.0 Host Interface supports any external USB devices such like storage drives
    • 10MB/100MB/1000MB (1GB) Ethernet Interface
    • JTAG emulation interface

DM6467 4-Channel Video Encoder Hardware

The hardware components for DM6467 Four-Channel Video Encoder include:

  • DM6467 Core Board
  • DM6467 4-Channel Video Inputs Expansion Board

DM6467 4-Channel Video Encoder Software

The DM6467 4-Channel Video Encoder runs pre-installed Embedded Linux with Video Encode and Decode Demo.

The DM6467 4-Channel Video Encoder provides the following additional software and full source code:

  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Video Capture Driver and Software Source Code
  • Embedded Linux with TI DaVinci™ DM6467 Board Support Package Source Code
  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Linux Target File System
  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Boot Loader Source Code
  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) ARM & DSP GEL files
  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Board Support Library
  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Flash Programmer Source Code
  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Hardware Driver and Test Source Code
  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Compilers, Linkers, and Related Build Tools
  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Quick Start Guide
  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Software Developer's
  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Core Board Schematic
  • DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Expansion Board Schematic
  • Optional DSP codec(s) are available

DM6467 4-Channel Video Encoder Services

The DM6467 Four-Channel (4-Way) Video Encoder product includes 90-day world-class standard technical support and 1-year hardware warranty services.