DM6467 Core Board

TI DaVinci DM6467 Core Board

DM6467 Core Board Overview

DM6467 Core Board(Model:DM6467-CB/C) DM6467 Core board spares you the trouble of designing a complex high-speed circuit,speeds up the product developing,saves you more time to publish your product,helps you stay one step ahead of you competitors.

DM6467 Core Board Hardware

DM6467 Core Board contains:

  • TMS320DM6467 Dual-core processor (Or TMS320DM6467T)
  • 256MB 32-bit DDR2 memory
  • Standard JTAG interface
  • 10MB/100MB/1000MB Ethernet interface(Optional)
  • Audio Interface
  • SPI interface

Core Board Dimension(with/without network card):

  • Lenth:120MM / 85MM
  • Width:80MM / 75MM
  • Height:15MM / 15MM

DM6467 Core Board Service

The DM6467 Core Board includes 1-Year Hardware Warranty Service.