DM6467 Development Board - TI DaVinci 1080p HD Video Encoder

DM6467 Development Board - TI DaVinci HD Video Encoder & Development Kit

DM6467 Development Board: The world's best DM6467 development platform included the full software source code with the world-class support service for DM6467 developers.

DM6467 Overview

DM6467 Development Board (Model:DM6467-DB/E) includes all the DM6467 EVM hardware components and additional accessories with the complete DM6467 software development kit (SDK), documents and source code.

The DM6467 development board will boot Embedded Linux. The developer can build custom Linux kernel, target file system and applications by the included software tools and source code.

DM6467 Hardware

The hardware for DM6467 Development Board includes all the components of DM6467 EVM (DM6467 core board and DM6467 expansion board - Click here to see the detailed specifications of DM6467 EVM) with the following additional accessories:

  • 5V Power Adapter for Core & Expansion Boards
  • RS232 Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • A/V Cables
  • Video Camera (Optional component)
  • Power Adapter for Camera (Optional component)

DM6467 Software

The DM6467 Development Board runs pre-installed Embedded Linux with 1080p resolution High-Definition Video H.264 Encode and Decode Demo.

The DM6467 Development Board provides the following additional software and full source code:

  • DM6467 Core Board Schematic
  • DM6467 Expansion Board Schematic
  • DM6467 Quick Start Guide
  • DM6467 Software Developer’s Guide
  • DM6467 Linux Target File System
  • DM6467 Boot Loader Source Code
  • DM6467 ARM & DSP GEL files
  • DM6467 Board Support Library
  • DM6467 Flash Programmer Source Code
  • DM6467 Hardware Driver and Test Source Code
  • Embedded Linux with TI DaVinci™ HD Board Support Package Source Code
  • Compilers, Linkers, and Related Build Tools

DM6467 Services

The DM6467 Development Board product includes 90-day World-Class Standard Technical Support and 1-Year Hardware Warranty Services.