DM6467 EVM - TI DaVinci™ High Definition Evaluation Module

DM6467 EVM - TI DaVinci™ DM6467 (TMS320DM6467) High Definition Evaluation Module

DM6467 EVM: The powerful and low-cost DM6467 evaluation module is designed for mass production of 1080p high-definition video analytics products.

DM6467 EVM Overview

DM6467 EVM (TI DaVinci™ High-Definition TMS320DM6467 Evaluation Module) (Model:DM6467-EVM/E)is low-cost video analytics module for the DM6467 manufacturers to start immediately build and evaluate their custom embedded systems and High-Definition 1080p Video products such as IP HD video surveillance system, HD DVRs, HD video conferencing systems, HD digital signage and HD media gateways, and many others.

DM6467 EVM Specifications

  • Processor

    • TI DaVinci™ DM6467 (TMS320DM6467)
    • ARM926EJ-S™ RISC core
    • TMS320C64x+™ DSP core
  • Memory and Storage

    • 256MBytes 32-bit DDR2
    • 128MBytes NAND Flash
    • ATA Interface supports IDE Hard Drive
    • SATA Interface supports SATA (Optional Component)
  • Audio and Video

    • Component HD Video Output (RGB)
    • Component HD Video Input (RGB)
    • AIC33 stereo codec
    • CD-quality audio input and output
    • HP (Headphone) out and MIC in
  • Input and Output

    • 2 x 9-pin UART RS232
    • EIA-485 (RS485)
    • USB 2.0 Host Interface supports any external USB devices such like storage drives
    • 10MB/100MB/1000MB (1GB) Ethernet Interface
    • JTAG emulation interface

DM6467 EVM Hardware

The hardware components for DM6467 EVM Package include:

  • DM6467 Core Board
  • DM6467 Expansion Board

DM6467 EVM Software

The DM6467 EVM runs pre-installed Embedded Linux with High-Definition H.264 Video Encode and Decode demo applications.

  • Pre-programmed Boot Loader
  • Pre-programmed Embedded Linux Target File System
  • Pre-installed Embedded Linux with TI DaVinci™ DM6467 Board Support Driver.
  • High-Definition Video Encoder and Decoder Demo Applications
  • DM6467 Hardware Related Documents
  • DM6467 Quick Start Guide

DM6467 EVM Service

The DM6467 EVM Package includes 1-Year Hardware Warranty Service.